Company Profile

Foilacar Introduction

foilacar™ is our high quality solution for the protection, colour design and window tinting of your extravagant automobile.

foilacar™ introduces the latest German technology innovation for car body finishing: a high performance foil wrapping system.

foilacar™ offers the highest German standards in product quality, handcraft competence and technical know-how.

foilacar™ uses premium materials made in Germany which are processed by German specialists

Foilacar Background

Since 2007, Foilacar™ is the leading German specialist for car foiling technologies and services. It started off in Germany, foiling taxis and police cars but it became a huge success in the UAE! Foilacar was born as the first company in Dubai to foil exclusive and extraordinary cars to make them even more exclusive and extraordinary! To date, the company has grown bigger and is well known in the GCC.

From the motherland of the car’s inventor to the homeland of car enthusiasts we dedicate ourselves to excellence in car body finishing. We trust a combination of the best materials and the most competent professionals to inspire you with our products and handcraft, which are second to none. From planning to installation, our staffs of window tinting, foil coating experts and digital media designers oversees your project to guarantee the most individual service and the highest German quality.

Mission Statement

Foilacar’s mission is to provide the highest quality solution for car protection, colour, design and window tinting for the GCC market.

Car Design

foilacar™ car design foils will turn your vehicle into an exceptional masterpiece. Our German technology and foils are superior to any air-brushing or re-painting. Using allover or partial foil wrapping, one-colour or multicolour works and even complex graphic designs, our car design system makes your car a truly unique one. From a two-colour chassis-design to the application of your emblem – every variation is possible! Simply provide us with your artwork or let our car designers do the creative work for you. Because every car foil design can be fully removed, you can easily enhance an existing design, remove the old one for choosing a brand new one or get back to the original paintwork.

Colour Change

foilacar™ coloured foils lets you change your car’s colour temporarily without re-painting the original finish. Our fully removable colour foil coating gives your car a new look while keeping the old one. Our German high-end products ensure the same optical appearance and surface structure like a regular paint finish. The foil’s density guarantees 100% opacity and actually shields the paint against chips abrasions and weathering to preserve your cars resale value. You can get back to the original colouring or apply another colour foil at anytime in no time.

Car Protection

foilacar™ provides you with the best German technology to keep your car from suffering paint chips and lowered resale value. Our unique foil coating protects your car’s lacquer against chips, abrasions and weathering. Thereby it helps maintaining the value of your expensive and exclusive original car. This German innovation upgrades your vehicle’s finish with true me – chanical protection – chemical protection can’t keep up with its reliability. The foil is completely invisible and does not require any special maintenance, just wash and wax as usual. And it can be completely removed: Leaving no traces, just the untouched original paint.